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instant ketoto move it to Friday instead I think she has a date on Saturday instead and wants to move me of action for me was to level lesson number two tracking your progress at the same time every week is key the way that I did it was I would weigh myself every Monday morning and I would take pictures every Sunday and I left where I go through like all the workouts I ever do document her fat loss I finally got the person whoa all right before we start so just so you know you have to be consistent three times a week Monday Friday 6:00 a.m. I'm sure your policy like if you're late if you like I'll show you foods or how to eat so you could still so I just don't want you to restring so play think that you came something anymore it's all kind of like teach you as we go like right now there's a lot of things I can't remember and if you're busy all day you have to prep your meals or foods right because if not you're gonna be I mean that's what that's usually when people go out in a bunch of food oh yeah do you have any questions are you sure I'm pretty sure I stumble on you'll have questions and I'll give you my number so that way you can just exit your home how do you feel you so excited what are you excited about are you tell them the truth because you were thinking of getting your video no I haven't and just gonna save a lot of people's comment because there's gonna be a lot of girls out there commenting that it's rude why don't have another female and my my house first of all this Janet is Africa's friend my wife's right here I'm right here yo and ya play very good friend we're gonna do so y'all know see you guys see the story wait cuz we had some reckon Elliot this is a mirror starting me [Music] all right starting weight 138 and 139 to see you guys we'll start and for a lot of you guys that don't know yet I'm gonna document everything we do on my YouTube I'm started youtube series fat loss transformation first video is gonna drop on Tuesday I believe are Wednesday one of those days I'll keep you guys updated but just so you guys know this is starting weight 130 pounds and we don't really have the goal her goal is just to like shape up her body you know she wants to get stronger just tone up that's look better feel better well 33 down for sure yeah for sure [Music] first just go like this Jenny we know the number that's gonna matter the most about is the waist as long as they stay the same no but the legs are gonna for sure yeah whether they